Frequently asked questions


How long will the song be?
This can depend on the details you send me. Expect a song to be approximately 2 minutes long.

How long does the process take?
On average, the process from start to finish should take no longer than a few short weeks. This, however, can vary one way or the other based on the current volume of orders.

How do I pay for my song?
Paypal is accepted in the "Order a Song" section of this website. You can also use credit cards through paypal. The total price is $79. 

What type of song will I get?
You can order a song that uses live instruments (guitar, bass, and drums) or you can order a song using a rap beat that I create for you. Check out the "Song Samples" section to hear examples of each.

Can you make a song using lyrics or poetry that I’ve written?
Sure can! We usually write the lyrics, but you can do so. Just send the words in the “Song Details” section of this site and we can start the process. 

Can the song really be about… anything?
Songs that involve profanity or extreme vulgarity are off limits. Other than that, pretty much anything goes! It can be as silly or as serious as you wish.